Frances McCue

NaPoWriMo #4
April 4, 2013, 10:06 pm
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Always And

The world arrived

free of ornament and

we pinned things to it,

pretty things and

terrible things until

the trinkets and

crafts we made

became infrastructure and

we kept going.

How we ornamented and

cared for the world,

how we layered things and

insisted– The world became

these things and

then it lasted.

Someone made this tire and

that curb and this

little vent. Birdhouse and

pin and plug.

Someone ran the factory and

the woman who

worked machines and

sewed on flowers, who made

decorations and

the stuff that holds

things up. Someone made and

crafted and enslaved,

How did we sing along and

become so beautiful?

so ongoing? And.


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Perhaps I should leave the poetry to one as gifted and skilled as you. Beautiful, Frances. And.

Comment by Jennie Shortridge

This one grabbed me and reminded me that you are such a POET! Well done.

Comment by Rachel Stansberry

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