Frances McCue

NaPoWriMo #16
April 16, 2013, 10:30 pm
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Loving all the Bad Creatures

Face facts, little ones. You will be

Scared. Honestly, you should be.

Let’s start with the bogeyman:

Child guzzler, foundling snatcher,

Tremulous, trembling weakling

With too much bravado and drink.

Then, the nighthag who roams the dark

In her clickity chariot and picks

Up bones and ribs along the fields:

Imagine her roaring through reeds

And wheeling over bridges,

Hunting down children just like you.

Or scarecrows who huddle over

thick soups of rag and bone– mottled

and simmering at the hearth.

Little limbs and braids caught

In their teeth, the bony gone-by men

Rattle their sticks. They suck and lisp

Like the child guzzlers they are.

Witches and cannibals, fava-toothed

crones in the delta gloom, collecting

little children in baskets, dressed up

like orchids. Here’s the secret.

We like to be afraid. Most of us do.

Who’d want to live in a world without

Creatures, without the lovely screams

And all the courageous derring-do?


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all my stars for this daring, delicious word painting

Comment by jose carrillo

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