Frances McCue

NoPoWriMo #24
April 24, 2013, 9:21 pm
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On the Pretty Little Campus Lawn

In the Sylvan grove, I think
What kind of bullshit is this?
Just pillars in a garden—
Set into the lawn, Roman columns
given by some French people who were
Living in America, who gathered
Funds and built a memorial
for Lafayette eighty years after
he helped the wayward colonists
to win the Revolutionary War
Which was really a war of secession
And not much more, just another set of
Colonized folk who’d had enough
And the French who specialized in
Overturning anything the British
owned. Being so supercilious and
generally annoying, the Brits
Brought it on themselves. Red Coats?
Come on. Put those on and you are
Asking for trouble. Later, a sylvan grove
Goes up, erected by the French who
care about culture, or the shell of it,
Decorating the landscape until the locals
Start to believe, even in a city of Natives
And Immigrant Swedes and Norwegians–
In Seattle, a place elbowed in from the Pacific.
Maybe you’ll wonder if the pillars
Weren’t made from the loneliness,
Made by people so far from the action,
That the little shell of a place and I,
Out here so far in the west,
Find those columns both remnant
And full structure, intact and absent–
So much to see, how to carry on,
And set up here, dead center on the lawn.


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